Workshop feedback – Transitioning to a Circular Economy in South Africa

Workshop feedback – Transitioning to a Circular Economy in South Africa
16 May 2017

Workshop feedback – Transitioning to a Circular Economy in South Africa

On Friday 5 May 2017, PETCO hosted their second Member Workshop for the year, in partnership with GreenCape, entitled “Transitioning to a Circular Economy in South Africa.”

A circular economy is one that builds economic, natural and social capital as opposed to the current “take, make and dispose” extractive industrial model that we know cannot continue infinitum. It is restorative and regenerative by design, relying on system-wide innovation.

But what does this mean for South Africa?

A key instrument that links the Circular Economy, the Internal Market and the packaging waste legislation is Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for used packaging. EPR is seen as a key interface between the supply and demand sides of material flows which are reinjected as products or materials into the economy.

Better functioning EPR will ultimately boost qualitative and quantitative secondary raw material markets, which will help industry to better manage volatile (virgin or secondary) material markets and related material supply and demand challenges that businesses face in South Africa, Africa and beyond: the essence of the Circular Economy objectives.

Keynote speaker, Joachim Quoden from EXPRA, clearly presented the case for a Circular Economy; the drivers and levers for change and a new economic model; rethinking value creation and the opportunities within the Circular Economy; the importance of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and the key role this has in transitioning to a circular economy.

View the video footage of his full presentation here.

This was then followed by Sam Smout of GreenCape, looking at how can designers, manufacturers and users of packaging effectively collaborate to optimise the performance of packaging while minimising the risks of supply chain inefficiencies.

Lastly, Dr Philippa Notten, Managing Director for The Green House, closed the presentation segment off with an overview of how Life Cycle Assessments can be used to support the Circular Economy.

The presentation segment was followed by a panel discussion, facilitated by the GreenCape, which asked the key questions relating to the mechanism of transitioning to a circular economy of all presenters, joined by PETCO CEO, Cheri Scholtz. These questions were supplemented by questions from the audience.

Thank you to all our excellent presenters, as well as to GreenCape, for helping us make the workshop a success!

View the wrap video of the workshop here, and download the full programme and all presentations here.

Lastly, you can download the full question guide here.