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PETCO Membership Categories

There are two broad categories of PETCO Membership:

Voting Membership
companies who pay levies and grants, and for whom voting is reserved;

Associate Membership
organisations who are not represented in the shareholding of PETCO but would like to become part of the PETCO family as they subscribe to the PETCO ideals.

Who would be eligible for Voting Membership?

Who would be eligible to become an Associate Member of PETCO?


Associate Members would not be allocated shares in PETCO and would have no voting rights, but all the other benefits would apply.

Fully paid-up members of PETCO can use the PETCO membership logo.
The use of the membership logo is subject to adherence to the guidelines detailing how it can be used. The membership and guidelines can be requested from



The benefits of PETCO membership

Broadly, as a PETCO member, you can:


Associate Membership benefits

By joining PETCO as an associate member, you become a part of the PET recycling network and will have the opportunity to shape the future of PET packaging.

Benefits include the following:

  1. Integrity: Use of the member logo on marketing material ensures the visibility and credibility of your organisation as being environmentally conscientious.
  2. Exposure: Listing and a logo on the PETCO member website, brief profile and link to the member’s own website.
  3. Knowledge: Receipt of PETRefresh as well as our Newsflash. These allow access to market intelligence, statistics, research results and PET recycling trends, PET recycling stories, industry news, event notifications and more.
  4. Intelligence: Access to the latest industry news, research, and information about PET and recycling via our blog, social media, and digital library on our website.
  5. Support: Representation to policymakers and regulatory bodies.
  6. Networking: Connecting with other recycling and waste management industry players and practitioners at PETCO events.

Who’s already a member of PETCO?

View our PETCO Voting and Associate Members, the companies and organisations who are blazing trail towards a more sustainable future for all.