PETCO is an organisation that represents a collective, in order to achieve more than an individual action. We’re all for one. We know that when active citizens come together as a collective, we can achieve more for the greater good.

We take on the EPR of our members in return for their membership fees as well as their active participation and support of the many PETCO initiatives.

Our 16-year track record of transparent and audited results include;

  • Industry support and funding.
  • Training and mentorship of collectors.
  • Collection and recycling rates.
  • Innovation and packaging design.
  • Market analysis and insights.
  • Financial management and offsetting levies.


PETCO’s strategic goal is clear: we aim to meet EPR targets and the legislative obligations of our member companies. We operate in accordance with internationally accepted standards underpinned by sustainable development principles.

Our primary responsibility is to our members. We see them as clients to whom we offer services. It is imperative for us to remain compliant with regulations for our members and the products we represent.




A social licence to operate with full compliance:

The Waste Act now makes EPR a legal requirement. Belonging to PETCO demonstrates your company’s desire to do the right thing and be a part of the accountable industry through the adoption of EPR on a collective basis.

An offer of transparency and efficiency:

PETCO membership relieves members of the financial burden of hard-to-achieve targets at a considered and reasonable cost. PETCO guarantees that members achieve their annual EPR targets due to our proven track record of achieving consistent and sustained recycling rates since 2005.

Lifting of your administrative burden:

PETCO members will no longer have to verify data that is required to demonstrate how they are meeting their EPR obligations.

Access to a wide range of information on PET:

With its broad and in-depth expertise on PET and PET recycling, PETCO is your go-to source of information on everything from the latest PET packaging developments to environmental issues, waste recovery, recycling and regulatory issues, PET recycling trends and market intelligence, research and development, independent data, and updates on changes in legislation.

Networking and access to PETCO events:

PETCO is built on a network of members who represent all sectors of the PET plastic supply and recycling chain, so through membership, you have the opportunity to meet and exchange information with a range of professionals. We also host an annual AGM and facilitate other networking events for our members and invited guests. Members can also request presentation opportunities at these events.

Visibility and environmental credibility of your company:

PETCO members are entitled to have their logo, description of their business and a link to their own website on the members’ page of the PETCO website. Since PETCO is known for its focus on sustainability, your company will benefit from appearing on our website.

Opportunity to contribute to informal reclaimer integration:

We entrench the principle of dignity and respect for all, so we offer PETCO members access to tailor-made training opportunities to upskill, mentor, sponsor, and train potential waste entrepreneurs.

A direct line of access to the PETCO team:

Your membership gives you direct access to the PETCO team for any advice or assistance you need.



PETCO is a committed member of The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA), which is the global umbrella organisation for non-profit EPR systems of collective packaging management.

We are members of European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisation (EPRO) too. This pan-European partnership of specialist organisations works together to develop and deliver efficient solutions for the sustainable management of plastics resources.

These international memberships enable PETCO to keep its member companies up to date with developments of EPR packaging both in the European Union and the rest of the world.

See our latest Annual Review here and become a PETCO member today.