Joint venture between Boxmore and PETCO creates jobs and drives recycling

Joint venture between Boxmore and PETCO creates jobs and drives recycling
20 Apr 2017

Joint venture between Boxmore and PETCO creates jobs and drives recycling

This month, Boxmore Packaging and PETCO partnered to sponsor and handover waste recycling trollies to five local PET collectors in the Harrismith community.

In collaboration with Vans Buy Back Centre, PETCO and Boxmore have identified five beneficiaries for the trolleyswho will sell their PET to Vans Buy Back Centre. This arrangement will allow the waste pickers’ progress to be tracked, and their need for assistance to bemonitored. Those involved in this initiative are committed to helping these individuals reach their full earning potential, and to stimulate awareness around the importance of recycling.

Commenting on the project, Boxmore Harrismith Factory Manager, Neil Bresendale said, “Our company is one of the biggest employersin Harrismith and therefore we are, both directly and indirectly, at least partly responsible for the socio-economic wellbeing of the community. Also, asa leading provider of rigid plastic packaging, it’s critical for our business to minimise the environmental impact of post-consumer PET. And driving recycling through job creation in this community is a win–win scenario that I’m proud to be associated with.”

Added PETCO CEO Cheri Scholtz, “We are delighted to be involved in such an important project as we believe small and micro-collectors play a crucial role in growing recycling tonnages in South Africa.Thanks to their hard work,alongside that of the remarkable network of dedicated people and companies we work with, 2 billion PET bottles were collected for recycling across South Africa during the course of 2016,growing the annual recycling ratefrom 52% of post-consumer bottle PET in 2015 to 55%.”

Boxmore is a founding member of PETCO, and just last year, itsChief Commercial Officer, David Drew was appointed to the board of directors. He explained, “Apart from this investment being the right thing to do, our industry cannot ignore the mounting necessity to encourage and educate South Africans about recycling. We are confident that these beneficiaries have all the support to further develop this small business opportunity into something that will both grow in size and income.”

An additional ten trollies will be donated across two other communities where Boxmore branches are based.