Guest blog: The Big Gansbaai Clean-Up

Guest blog: The Big Gansbaai Clean-Up
28 Sep 2017

Guest blog: The Big Gansbaai Clean-Up

This year’s International Coastal Clean-Up saw many of our PETCO Members encouraging their communities to clean up and recycle. We asked one of our members – White Sharks Projects – to give us the inside info on what went down in their neighbourhood. Here is what they had to say …

On Saturday the 16th of September, White Shark Projects’ Crew and Volunteers were joined by Gansbaai Tourism, La Pentola Crew, Gansbaai locals and the Cape United Soccer Team to clean up the coastal town of Gansbaai.

For this year’s International Coastal Clean-Up Day, we decided to focus on prevention and chose to clean the town centre of Gansbaai, preventing all the litter from blowing into the ocean in the first place.

PETCO supplied us with plastic bags for the collection of recyclable materials and they sponsored some of their funky caps (completely made from recycled materials!) too.

We logged our collection with the Ocean Conservancy, which will help them to keep track of ocean pollution and assist them to find innovative solutions to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in our ocean. Below is a list of some of the items we collected:

  • 19 Bags of Recyclables were collected.
  • Recyclables collected weighed in at 61kg.
  • Only 2 bags of non-recyclables were collected.
    • Cigarette butts: 3569
    • Food Wrappers: 828
    • Take Away Containers (plastic): 30
    • Take Away Containers (polystyrene): 42
    • Bottle Caps (Plastic): 746
    • Straws / Stirrers: 329
    • Plastic Forks, Knives and Spoons: 43
    • Beverage Bottles (Plastic): 145
    • Beverage Cans: 180
    • Grocery Bags (Plastic): 157
    • Other Plastic Bags: 101
    • Other Plastic / Foam Packaging: 60
    • Other Plastic Bottles (Oil, Bleach etc): 24
    • Strapping Bands: 27
    • Tobacco Packaging / Wrap: 54
    • Appliances: 14 (Yes! From a washing machine, to a computer and TV’s – so bizarre!)
    • Balloons: 1
    • Cigarette Lighters: 1
    • Tyres: 1
    • Condoms: 12
    • Diapers: 3
    • Syringes: 12
    • Plastic Pieces less than 2.5 cm: 884

We are very grateful for all the support and assistance during our Coastal Clean-Up, and we hope to form even bigger collaborations next year. We aim to go bigger and to clean better and we hope to have you on board as well.

Thanks to White Sharks Projects for their dedication and participation in this year’s Clean-up and Recycle Week. At PETCO, we believe it’s important for all South Africans to participate in recycling activities, such as clean-ups, when they can. By having more people active in the recycling movement, more recyclables like PET bottles will be collected – creating jobs and saving landfill space and carbon emissions in the process – and recycled into jeans and t-shirts, or duvets and pillows, or even into new bottles.