Communities get smart

Communities get smart
25 Feb 2022

Communities get smart

PETCO is proud to be joining hands with Plastics SA and other like-minded organisations from the public and private sector to think SMART when it comes to waste management and recycling in South Africa.

Smart Communities is a newly launched forum that brings together industry players, public benefit organisations, and national, provincial and local government stakeholders – to develop workable solutions to our most pressing environmental challenges.

Our national collections and training manager, Belinda Booker, will represent PETCO in this smart collaboration, which aims to tap into the collective knowledge, networking, strategic thinking and project management abilities of all its participants.

“It is a privilege for me to be part of the steering committee and to work with the Smart Communities team to find the best solutions to ensure a clean and healthy SA,” says Belinda.

The Smart Communities Steering Committee representatives are as follows:

Plastics SA – Douw Steyn
PETCO – Belinda Booker
CityZen (PBO) – Najen Naidoo
Clean City (PBO) – Dalu Cele

At the launch event, the working group also heard presentations from the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) on the National Waste Management Strategy; the Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (GDARD) on the Provincial Integrated Waste Management Plan, as well as the latest updates and projects from the National Recycling Forum (NRF).