As you may be aware, the Department of Environmental Affairs issued the Section 28 Call for Industry Plans on 6th December 2017, for submission by 6th September 2018. You can find more detail on this here.

PETCO is busy drafting the Industry Waste Management Plan for the PET Sector. We are in the process of engaging with multiple stakeholders, and a public participation process will commence later this year.

We require your assistance to ensure all relevant producers of PET packaging and products are given the opportunity to subscribe to the PETCO PET Plan.

As per the definition in the Section 28 call for plans, a:

producer” means any person or category of persons or a brand owner who is engaged in the commercial manufacture, conversion, refurbishment or import of new and/or used:

a. Paper and packaging material,
b. Lighting equipment,
c. Electrical and electronic equipment, or
d. Goods wrapped in primary or secondary packaging material,

which are intended for the distribution in the Republic of South Africa.

PETCO members will be represented in the PET plan for their PET products. However, we are aware of companies who are not currently members of PETCO who do place PET products on the market, and who may wish to be included as subscribers to the PET plan.

In particular, there may be retailers, brand owners and convertors of PET packaging / packaged products that are not currently members of PETCO.

If you are such a company, please complete this form to signal your intent to subscribe to the PET Plan being developed by PETCO. It will give us the necessary information we require for the development of the PET plan. There is a separate process for formally signing on as members.

Please pass this communication onto your suppliers, customers, or stakeholders who you feel are impacted by this legislation.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The PETCO Team