PETCO, the industry body for recycling of post-consumer PET in South Africa, is currently drafting an Industry Waste Management Plan for the PET Sector, in response to the national Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) issuing the Section 28 Call for Industry Plans on 6th December 2017 from the Paper and Packaging Sectors.

This initiative will contribute significantly towards diverting recyclable waste from landfill sites.

Over the past 15 years, PETCO together with its members, have jointly set ambitious recycling targets, kick-started cross-value projects and orchestrated and reinforced complementary initiatives ushering in an unprecedented degree of collaboration and innovation.

We now have the opportunity to mobilise the entire industry in a way that has not been possible before with the drafting of an Industry Waste Management Plan for the PET Sector. It will be based on the PETCO model, with some augmented and expanded activities. Please submit your comments to by 14th August 2018.

The first draft of PETCO’s Industry Waste Management Plan for the PET Sector is now available for comment. Simply complete the fields below in order to download it.

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