Job advert: Communicator with digital content and fund-raising skills

Job advert: Communicator with digital content and fund-raising skills
11 January 2018

Job advert: Communicator with digital content and fund-raising skills

The African Marine Waste Network is inviting applications to fill the position of a Communicator to manage the web-based communications for the 38 coastal and island states of Africa. The primary objectives are to develop and advance the African Marine Waste Network across Africa, and to inspire and engage members so that they participate in Network activities on an ongoing basis. This programme will be based in Port Elizabeth which will be the primary site for actions and events as proof of concept is developed.

The ideal applicant should be a multi-talented social media designer with experience in developing a communications strategy and a track record as a content writer who has created engaging product images and inspirational lifestyle and educational posts. Skills in marketing and fund raising are necessary. Applicants must have a sound understanding of the digital medium, ability to deliver online content using multimedia features, photo galleries and data visualizations. Monitoring and evaluation of the impact on stakeholders is necessary to measure success of the strategy.

Understanding of and a passion for the environment are desirable attributes.

Letters of application should be submitted to by January 30th, 2018 together with:

  • A curriculum vitae,
  • Copies of proof of qualifications (e.g. a degree/diploma/certificate in social media or digital marketing /advertising / journalism);
  • Evidence of employment demonstrating that the applicant has at least three years of experience;
  • A portfolio demonstrating creativity and skills.
  • The contact details of at least three references.

For further information on the position and its tasks, please visit:

The successful applicant will become part of the African Marine Waste Network Communications Hub which was initiated by PETCO, the PET Plastic Recycling Company, and which also provides core support for the programme.

More info:

Desirable attributes of the applicant might include:
• Ambitious, resourceful and a self-starter
• Able to work well independently as well as within a team
• Deadline and performance driven with an eye for detail and a desire for perfection
• Strong digital acumen experience in digital content creation (video, animation, infographic, etc.)
• A record of success with fund raising
• Experience in developing communications strategies
• Excellent database management skills
• Well organized
• A strong conceptual strategic thinker, innovative and positive
• Proficient on social media platforms with an in-depth working knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube (including the strategic use of paid campaigns)
• Able to meet deadlines and work in a pressurized environment with little to no supervision
• Ability to manage several projects at once with accuracy and attention to detail
• Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced, rapidly changing work environment
• Strong interpersonal skills and a passion for building a Network for collaborators
• Sensitive to different languages and cultures of Africa and an ability to cater for such diversity
• Experience in Web design and SEO
• Experience in successfully managing projects from conceptualization through delivery, on time and on budget
• Demonstrated proficiency in generating original content for digital channels
• Demonstrated proficiency in taking highly complex information and packaging for social and digital platforms.
• Excellent writing and editing skills; strong eye for detail

Key responsibilities:
Build the PETCO communications hub and resource base so that it can ensure a strong communications team and strategy are in place to successfully:
• Collaborate with key stakeholders, across African countries, to develop a network communications strategy, generate new content and curate existing AMWN content, including articles, photo galleries, videos, infographics, blogs, social media posts, animations, etc.
• Compile and schedule posts across multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat), incorporating a strong M&E strategy to ensure and drive active engagement.
• Produce and promote fund-raising communications.
• Drive online traffic to the AMWN website
• Create content that meets needs of Network members and inspires people to join the Network
• Build relationships with key Network stakeholders across Africa
• Grow the collaboration between members and participants in all countries and at all levels.
• Interact with members of the Network to seek feedback.
• Represent on the Network the creative and novel ideas of members in different countries, ensuring that many countries (ultimately all African countries) are involved.
• Assist in the planning and execution of the AMWN events including conferences.
• Serve as the entry point for enquiries relating to AMWN activities and events.
• Undertake desktop research (e.g. stakeholder mapping) and ensure that all copy is accurate, fits the target audience, and is objective.

Daily tasks
• Manage day-to-day social media activities, including providing relevant content, managing posts, and monitoring and initiating conversations.
• Respond to all comments on social media channels, viewing each as an opportunity to build a better relationship.
• Interpret data, create impactful and insightful reports, and make actionable recommendations.
• Define, execute and develop metrics for measuring social media strategy and tactics’ effectiveness/impact.
• Manage the blog and other social channels by producing or soliciting from members optimized content to drive interaction, promote interest and understanding.
• Leverage social media content for Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media channels with a focus on driving interaction.
• Identify and engage with key influencers to produce guest blogs, develop co-marketing campaigns and other forms of collaborative content.
• Keep up-to-date with digital trends and developments including those of social media platforms and marketing.
• Be vigilant in checking that all the content sent out is compliant with AMWN ethical and legal policies.
• Ensure all content is factual, truthful and holds to standards of honesty and integrity.
• Ensure Sponsors’ Corporate Guidelines are adhered to and logo usage is signed off by the appropriate person before using in communications.